Hi, I’m Michael 👋🏻

I am a mobile software engineer, music lover, coffee lover, beer lover, travelling light, commuter cyclist, fitness runner and general geek about town.

Career wise, it’s gone something like this: Un*x and C then C++ and Windows, then Java and onto J2ME before Symbian (shudder), a smattering of C# and then…iOS! Whoosh…career pivot…square brackets…several well-loved apps later…Swift…and now. It’s been fun, it still is fun, and long may that continue.

You could be for a number of reasons, so let me give you some links to find your way to where you probably want to be;


Source Code:

// TODO London:
I am one of the hosts for // TODO London, a meet-up for anyone making products for the post-PC world we live in today. We help you to do your job without telling you how to do your job. You should join us.

Whilst I do not have any apps in active development and support, you may have one I wrote earlier. In which case, you can find out more about it.
Jenkins Notifier Source
Kanban and Scrum Avatar Maker Source

I believe that it is good to get up and speak to our community (when you have something to say). It’s scary, and you don’t always get it right, but sometimes you make a small difference to someone and it’s all worth it.
Cats And Dogs Lightning Talk, Code Mobile 2017, Chester
Mentorship, NSLondon 2016, London
The Empathetic Programmer,
UIKonf 2016, Berlin

Monocultural, ⌘R Conf 2014, London
Team Leadership Lessons Learned The Hard Way, NSSpain 2015, Logrono, Spain
The Empathetic Developer, dotSwift, Paris, France
Interview, NSSpain 2015, Logrono, Spain

Apple tvOS Tech Talks, London 2016 (Songkick Blog)
Getting noticed in the iTunes App Store (Guardian Blog)

Did I mention coffee? ☕

Past Lives: